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Alberto Latini is a consultant and a designer specialized in assisting Italian and foreigners looking for a house in Le Marche and especially  in the surroundings of  Cingoli.
Expert in renovation and passionate about country houses, he provides  total  support at 360°,  from a technical,  fiscal and legal point of view.
Do not hesitate to contact  him for any elucidation  about his service and the one  of his  team of collaborators.


For two consecutive years, respectively 2017 and 2018, I took part to two important turistic-sector fairs in Belgium. I have been present both at the Vakantiesalon in Antwerp (2017) and at the Second Home Expo in Ghent (2018).



Alberto Latini, along with his team of collaborators, not only takes care of the project but coordinates and manages the work daily, informing about the developments, via email and photos, permitting remote clients to remain updated on the progress of the house in which they are investing.
This continuous information allows to:

  • Understand invoices,

  • Change the details  during the construction,

  • Document the customer about the passage of the pipes, positions of the various systems, electrical cables and other technical info,

  • Establish, in the advancement reports, regular meetings of the buyer with the designer,

  • Be flexible with work progress times: the client  can  determine if everything has to be completed in a few months or a few years.

He  also deals with the paper work and documents (taxes, utilities...) and  cadastral register  and above all with  the design (including buildings with high energy efficiency, with thermic and acoustic insulation systems) and the practice of renovation of the property.
With a well-established experience, he can ensure management for the restored houses such as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, allowing the customer from abroad to enjoy  the best holiday experience in Italy even after the conclusion of the work.



With  his  technical and legal competences, he can advise and assist the client, allowing him a purchase without worries. Not being a real estate agent, he guarantees  impartiality towards the buyer.


Years of experience and training as a designer allow him to take care of the renovation project at the best and in every detail.


As a designer and as a project manager he has been working for years with important and qualified construction companies. This gives the customer a quality guarantee.


Taking care of routine maintenance and not, Alberto is your point of reference in Italy, even after the conclusion of the work.



Here are some photos of the projects organized by Alberto Latini, pictures of more or less radical renovations that have transformed old country farmhouses.





Tel: +39 328 4757495




Località San Paterniano, 13,

Cingoli, 62011, MC

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Marches are also easily accessible via the Raffaello Sanzio airport of Ancona where flying companies such as Ryanair, Lufthansa, Vueling, Volotea and Alitalia are available; or via the national rail network that connects throughout the region.

Located in central Italy, Le Marche are well connected from the A14 motorway and highways to the internal networks running through the region.

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